Value Statement

We know first-hand how difficult it can be to ensure that we can look forward to our later years without anxiety. How will we preserve our quality of life? How do we know that we will have the resources we need, without sacrificing the needs of our family? How do we make sure that we will not become a burden on the ones we love?

Whether you are still years from retirement, or in a medical crisis situation, we can give you a roadmap and the continuing support you need to navigate. At NoVA Senior Law, we work to put the pieces together so that you can get back to living.

Unlike traditional estate planning or Medicaid asset protection firms, we take a broad view of our responsibility to provide our clients with the resources and information they need to actually manage the often confusing and emotionally-charged choices that come with planning for themselves or a loved one.

We don’t plan for death; We are here, for life.